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1821 Census

As many of you know, the records in Ireland are often sparse the further back you go.

One of the few surviving parishes of the 1821 census was Drung with the following Rudden families listed.

Are any of these your ancestors?


Matthew Rudden 50 farmer
Catherine Rudden 50
Mary Rudden 20
Margaret Rudden 10
Thomas Rudden 15


Thomas Rudden 55 Farmer and Weaver
Catherine Brady 55 Sister in Law
Bridget Rudden 22
Catherine Rudden 20
Pat Rudden 28
Bryan Rudden 14
Also holds lands in Claragh, parish of Annagh


Pat Rudden 45 farmer
Catherine Rudden 40 wife
Fanny Rudden 16
Catherine Rudden 16
Michael Rudden 12
Anne Rudden 9
Mary Rudden 9
May Rudden 7
Joseph Rudden 2
Anne Rudden cousin /servant


Pat Rudden 60
Rose Anne Rudden 60
Mary Rudden 22
Matthew Rudden 30
Eleanor Rudden 18


Mick Rudden 35 Farmer
Mary Rudden wife 33
James Rudden 9
Joseph Rudden 6
Bernard Rudden4
Pat Rudden 1

Note: These records are hand transcribed from the microfiche at the National Archives , Dublin

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