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Useful Links

Tithe Applotment Books

Irish Census 1901 & 1911

Information on County Cavan

The Plantation of Ulster

Also see our videos here

And the Rudden forum on

Commonwealth War Graves

Maps and Aerial Photographs

Griffiths Valuation

Some general Guidance information on using The Griffiths Valuation

Irish Genealogy Toolkit

History of County Cavan

An interesting overview to the history of county Cavan.

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  1. Hi there what i great site – i just googled Rudden and found this. My name is Sharon Rudden and i’m from Glasgow, Scotland. My granda was Joseph Rudden and his wife was Sarah Dunlop. They had seven children Andrew, Thomas, Joseph, Robert (my dad), June, Bernadette & Jeannie(not in that order).I have loads of cousins which are all local as well but we dont really know much more about my Granda side of the family my dad was young when his parents had died and doesnt remember names maybe first names and the odd second name like his cousins but thats about it.

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