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Family Locations : Drumsillagh

Parish: Kildrumsherdan  
Townland: Drumsillagh


1832  Tithe Applotments
Conor Rudden
Patt Rudden
Peter Rudden
Phillip Rudden

1851 Census
Patrick Rudden & Bridget Rudden (Clark) + Child Patrick 1 1/2.
Attached to census request for pension of young pat living in Scotland 11 Andrew Street, Paisley)

1857 Griffith Valuation Tenants :

Plot  14,15,16  Peter Rudden
Plot 17 Patrick Rudden

Extract from Griffith Valuation Map (1857)

1901 Census

There are no Rudden’s listed here although house No.2 is “Unoccupied”.

Notes: It is understood that Peter’s son ( Peter) was a member of the RIC and stationed in Fermanagh. This tree continues with the Ruddens of Fermanagh Page.

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