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Family Locations: Claragh

Parish : Annagh
Townland : Claragh (Clara)


Tithe Applotments 1825

Stephen Rudden (Woods Bernard Maquire, Thomas Howe Kerry)

32 2nd Class Acres

Thomas Rudden (Bernard Gilsennan John Farmer)

15 Acres

John Rudden (Thomas Howe)

9 Acres

John Rudden (Junior) and James Rudden

11 Acres

Philip Rudden

6 Acres

Griffith Valuations 1857

Plot: 14: Phillip Rudden : House and Land – 4 Acres

Plot: 18 : James Rudden (senior) & John Rudden (senior)
Land shared with Bernard O’Reilly and Michael McGuinness)

Plot 19 & 20 a & b: John Rudden Senior – 11 Acres House and Land: Phillip Rudden – Land 1 Rood 

Plot 25 : John Rudden Senior  – House and land 8 Acres

Plot 26 : James Rudden Junior  – House and land 8 Acres

Plot 27 & 28 : John Rudden Junior House 6 acres and 4 acres

Plot 27 & 28 : Stephen Rudden  – House and Part of Claragh Loch 10 Acres and 3 Acres

Notes: The Schools Collection

The following excerpt has been taken from the Schools Collection which is essentially a gathering of local folklore that Irish school children were asked to compile during the 1930’s. The Following describes Claragh, Redhills, and is an account for the many Rudden families present.

It gives no indication of the time in which Pat Rudden lived but reinforces the suggestion that the Rudden families in Claragh were at one time siblings.

I live in the townland of Claragh, in the parish of Annagh in the barony of Tullygarvy and in the county of Cavan.
It is a big town land. The most plentiful name is Rudden It is believed that a very rich man named Mr. Pat Rudden lived in Claragh a long time ago.
He owned all the land of Claragh. He had thirteen sons and two daughters but four of his sons died when then they were young.
When the father was dying he left part of his farm to each son and daughter and that is why nearly all in Claragh are Rudden.
There is an iron mine in the townland also and there were plenty of iron got in it long ago.
The land is flat but for a few hills here and there. It is well watered also. There is not a but there is a few wells in it.
There is a big lake in it also, and and island in the middle of it. It also supplies water to the people living near it

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