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With all the excitement from the ‘Calling all Rudden’s’ Facebook page, I have been doing a little more digging into my own family tree and came across the following resources you may find interesting (if you are already aware of these apologies for duplicating the  information).

1901 & 1911 Irish Census

The National Archives of Ireland have published the census from 1901 & 1911 here. The information is really well laid out allowing us to see individuals and families and various other useful information.

Ordnance Survey Ireland

Hat’s off to these guys for producing the most comprehensive National mapping website I have yet to see. Not only can you overlay the detailed current streets/field boundaries etc. with aerial photographs, but it is also possible to overlay the current map with a variety of old maps that make for very interesting comparisons over time ! You can also search by parish etc. Truly invaluable for genealogical research.

Hope you find this useful.


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