5 thoughts on “The Rudden Gathering – 27th July 2013

  1. Mary Ostrowski

    I have a tree on Ancestry.com (Sheehan/Rudden). I live in Maine, USA and visited Cavan and walked in the footpath of my Rudden ancestors in Coolcanadus, near Cootehill. You are welcome to view my tree.

  2. admin Post author

    One is ‘tentatively’ being planned in the US in 2015…we will keep you informed. Although if there was sufficient interest in the UK for an event we would certainly consider this as well!

    Remember, you can to follow the ‘Calling all Rudden’s’ page on Facebook for the most up to date information.

  3. Rosemary Rudden

    I am visiting Ireland this May, 2014; will be in County Cork, early May.
    My father was Patrick J. Rudden whose father was same name born
    in 1889 in Granard Ireland. He immigrated from Queenstown Ireland
    5/13, 1909 from Queenstown , Irelabd.

    If anyone is alive would love to visit when in Cork, to pass on stories/history.

    Please e-mail rrudden@wctel.net if you live in Ireland now. Will be I
    visiting Galway, Killarney, Cork, Kilkenny and Dublin.

    Thanks Rose Rudden

  4. Jeffrey F Bilby

    My great great grandparents John Reilly and Bridget Rudden Reilly lived in Brockly townland, Cavan county during the mid to late 1800’s through 1940 when John passed away at 104 years young, Bridget died in 1930 at age 84. They had 9 children together, some went to the USA some stayed in the area. Love to find out some info on the families and where they were buried

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