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I am currently putting together a list of family trees available of

You can View My Tree on Ancestry.comĀ . This includes family originating in Drumcor, Redhills Co. Cavan and Claragh, Redhills Co.Cavan.

Paul Rudden is currently adding information to his tree – The Rudden’s of Fostra, Co. Longford, and can be contacted via

5 thoughts on “Family Trees

  1. Gordon Lynch

    Paul: Finally got on A Joni Lynch said you had Martin and Rose Rudden on your tree. As parents of my Ellen Rudden, I figure they had to be born around 1792 or before. Make sense?

  2. sallie bray

    my great grandfather was capt. bernard rudden M.B.E, ( maternal side of my family ) i have some family information , but not much. would love to hear from any of my lost relatives.

  3. Sandra Dunning

    My Maternal Great Grandma was Margaret RUDDEN from Belturbet Cavan Ireland her parents were Michael RUDDEN and Mary McIntyre she married My Great-Grandfather Freeville John WALLIS and they had 6 children#1.Dorothy #2.Irene #3.Ellen #4.Herbert#5.James#6.Winifred(My Nan)they resided in Wilton Wiltshire .My Great Grandpa was a lifetime Military Majour, and they divorced .Margaret RUDDEN is a very popular name I’m having trouble finding out what happened to her after the divorce.She was only 35 and could have had more children.

  4. Sandra Dunning

    Correction Margaret RUDDENs daughter was named ETHEL not Ellen which was her Sisters Name (Ellen RUDDEN Rogers ended up in Canada am in touch with that family).Rumour has it My Margaret RUDDEN remarried a James Tellford Goodall would love to solve the Mystery.

  5. Laura Hertsenberg Wade

    My friend Andrew Gable was contacted by Cindy Michelaugh regarding the Warnock family from Portsmouth, OH. Byron Warnock was my grandfather, so Andrew contacted me. I am trying to find Cindy to share any useful information, and possible learn more about my family tree. I found this page with a quick Google search for Cindy. I hope I’ve found the right one. If so, feel free to email me!

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