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Posted by Aaron Rudden

Hi, this is most interesting a dedicated website eh?  my dad, John Rudden is from donegal, and siblings in Montrose-scotland, Malin Head, Muff, and now a couple of us in the caribbean. His dad, James, was from Caven, my aunt in Derry recently found some manifests detialing travels to the US in the early 1900’s late 1800’s including detroit and NY, i will get the information and post it here

Regarding the post above by Anne, my Grandmother was Susan Rudden, had a sone called James (my uncle) that moved to scotland!  but the years dont match up. There are SO many Susies, Johns, James and Pats it gets a little confusing 😉

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  1. Aaron, I beleive I am related to you! and My mum selena had paid a lot a long time ago to get a Rudden Family Tree which she gifted to my Grandfather Dennis, Your dad Johns Brother!! hello!

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