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My name is Peter Rudden and my father’s name, James Rudden whose father was Captain Bernard Rudden of the Border Regiment and who lived in Carlisle Cumbria. My father was born in 1911, in Alton at the military base.  His father was married to Magaret McGragh and he died in about 1924. I think one of my grandfathers brothers was Reginald Rudden, and Bernard’s father, I think, called Charlie Rudden. Can anyone help further?

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  1. Have just found my Grandfataher was Reginald
    Rudden s0n of Charles Ruddden Anaulgh Cavan
    Ireland.His Brothers names Bernard .
    John Henry and Charles J.

    Reginald Rudden married Ellen Gardner 1912 in


  2. Hi
    My father is Bernard Rudden, his father was Reginald Rudden who was also son of Cap Bernard Rudden of the border reg
    My father has his WW1 CBE medal

  3. Capt Bernard Rudden’s son, Jack, had a son called Bernard Rudden. I thought Fred, another son had Capt. Rudden’s CBE. My father, James Rudden gave me Capt Ruddens commendation papers, binoculars and artillary compass and his prayerbook. Please get in touch. This is quite a discovery to find you.

  4. I am the daughter of John Charles (Jack) Rudden. Fred, Jack’s brother did have Captain R’s Medal (MBE) but it was given to Noel (aka Ben) Rudden son of Bernard Rudden, brother to Jack, Fred, James and others. I have the newspaper cutting from the citation and it records what he did. This Grandad of mine died in 1926 at the age of 49 of peritonitis having come thro’ the 1 WW. His wife was Mary Ann Mc Grath who died in 1963 in Carlisle.

  5. I only met Noel Rudden once, at South Norwood, when he visited my parents, Jim and Eileen Rudden. I met his parents, Bernard and Mary [?) Rudden just once. I remember they had a lovely Lassie like dog.
    I would like a copy of tne newspaper cutting of Capt Ruddens brave action, or a way of tracing it.

  6. I have a photo of Charles Rudden, father of Capt Bernard Rudden. I also found a copy of Bernard Rudden’s signing up papers to the Border Regiment with his signature.
    I think Reginald Rudden, according to one census, worked in Carr’s Biscuit factory in Carlisle.

  7. Searching my mothers family history Mothers name Emily Bridget Rudden i think she had a sister called
    Mary they were brought up in a convent. Her father my Grandfather was Reginald Rudden born 1885 AgraBengal India. 1912 married Elian Gardner at Carlisle both living in union street Carlisle. Reginald fatherwas Charles Rudden born Anaugh caven Ireland solider. Mother Bridget born Newabbey Kildare Ireland. 1891 family sons Bernard . John Henry. Charles. Reginald, Daughter Mary. 1891 address 1 Milburn court Caldewgate Carlisle. working as a groom. I think Charles and Bridget Emily were married in RichmondYorkshire in 1876, Any information please.

  8. My Grandmother was Mary Rudden, her full sister was named Emily. My great grandfather was from Ireland in the Irish guards and my great grandmother was from Aberdeen.

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