Summary all Families of Knox, Co. Monaghan

The following article is the second in a series by Jerry Strum who has been researching  his Rodden/Rudden ancestors.

The first article “Rudden (Rodden) family of Monaghan and Scotland” is available here

Again, many thanks for sharing this Jerry.

December 5th 2017
This document is based on 1827 Tithe Applotment, Completed 1861 Valuation Survey, Drumully Parish Baptismal Records, 1901 Irish census Clogher Record 2000 and lots of guessing.


This document has been created in a further attempt to answer these questions:
  • How is Patrick Rudden b1830, my gr great grandfather, connected to the Ruddens of Knox, Killynenagh, Co Monaghan, Ireland?
  • How can knowledge of all family groups in Knox East and Knox West be helpful in understanding Patrick Rudden 1830 origin?
  • Who did John Rodden b 1865 in Scotland, son of Patrick Rudden 1830 of Co Monaghan, Ireland visit when he went to Ireland in 1892 and married Annie Connolly of Aghnaskew?
  • I share DNA with a descendant of Rose Rudden born about 1840 who married Patrick McDonald (see table 4).  Who else was in Rose Rudden’s family and how might I be connected?

What is Known:

  • Patrick Rudden born abt 1830 went to Scotland abt 1847 and declared he was from Co Monaghan in 1871 Scot census.
  • Patrick’s son, John b 1865, went to Ireland in 1892 where he worked in Aghnaskew (most likely on the Connolly farm), there he met and married Annie Connolly in the same year.  Alice Rudden of Coolnacarte, Monaghan reported to me in 2013 that her mother knew of the Rudden boy from Scotland. John, the Rudden from Scotland, visited his cousin in Knox, who was named either John or James Rudden.
  • Patrick clearly did not inherit land or lease of 5 acres.  Patrick’s father, thought to be Charles, also did not inherit the lease to 5 acres land.  These two facts make tracing Patrick back in Ireland a significant challenge, as neither will be recorded in 1827 or 1856.
  • A descendant of a Rose Rudden, believed sister of Hugh Rudden, married to Rose Smyth, and I share some DNA.

What is Assumed:

  • Patrick Rudden b 1830 had a brother John abt 1832.  Support for this idea includes the fact that this Patrick and John Rodden lived almost beside each other most of their adult lives in Scotland.  They used the traditional naming patterns for their children.  Both used the names Charles and Margaret for children.  John’s parents are known from death record of his mother, Margaret Rudden,  the record show that his mother was Margaret Harper/Harpur and father was Charles Rudden/Rodden. However while Patrick declared his origin as Co Monaghan, no record of John or his mother, Margaret, describes their origins as Ireland and unfortunately Patrick’s death record does not list his parents.
  • Ruddens in Co Monaghan were clustered in the south west corner of the county.

This Patrick Rudden born 1830 in Co Monaghan and died in December 1885 in Lanarkshire, Scotland was a cousin or brother of one of the two Hugh Ruddens who were present in the 1861 completed Valuation in Knox East, Killynenagh, Monaghan, Ireland. The case will be made that it was Hugh Rudden and Mary McPhillip’s son, John 1863, who he visited.

Sorting it all out using all gathered information
For this inquiry the following documents were used to establish connections, possible connections, and probable connections: 1827 Tithe Applotment, Baptism Registry for Drumully parish RC, 1901 Irish Census.  Those connections are based on several realities and customs of the times.

  • Most, if not all, of the residents of Knox, in the first half of the nineteenth century, were poor and illiterate.  The range of field for searching for spouse was small, usually as far as one could walk with in a day.  So people married people of the same faith who were close by. People stayed in place.  So the geography of where people lived very much influenced spouse selection.
  • While many from Knox East left during the famine, those remaining continued on the land of their families.  As population declined, choices for a spouse also declined.  Thus records indicate the intermarriage of the few remaining families in this area.
  •  It is assumed that siblings often asked other siblings to be Godparents.  Based on that assumption, family groups emerge, See Table 6.

So, who did John Rodden from Scotland visit in 1892 in Knox East?
First, a look at the trail of Ruddens during the nineteenth century.  Information is provided through Tithe Applotment, Griffith’s Valuation, the 1901 Irish Census.

  • In 1827 there were five Rudden lease holders in Knox Eas; Hugh and Pat Rudden, a second Hugh , also James, Owen, John, and Pat .  Each lease had a number of lots which could have other family members on them.  When my gr great grandfather, Patrick, was born in 1830, his family was possibly living on one of these lots with other siblings.  Charles, assumed to be his father, was a laborer, so did not own the land but a cousin or sibling would have.  After the famine leases were only inherited by the eldest son, which mean all others had to leave, thus the population significantly declined due to deaths and emigration.  Records indicate that the number of houses in Knox East in 1841 was 22 and by 1851 were 6.  The population decreased from 149 in 1841 to 30 in 1851.
  • In 1856 the Griffith’s Valuation gives yet another view into the residents of the area.  Knox East was primarily a Rudden townland with 3 of 5 lease holders being Ruddens, Hugh, John, Philip.   There were the only occupants on each plot.

Between 1827 and 1856 was the devastation of the crop failures of 1845, 1846, 1847.  Subsequently, during the decade from 1841 to 1851 Currin Parish declined from 6,502 to 1,122.  Knox East population declined from 149 to 30 (Source: Clogher Record 2000 p138) and the number of homes from 22 to 6 on 78 acres.  This suggests that a significant number of the residents in 1827 where gone by 1856.  Those six remaining homes had the following core family member.

    • Hugh Rudden 1838-1870 and Rose Smyth 1841-1915
    • Hugh Rudden 1820 and Mary McPhillips
    • Michael Leonard and Bridget Rudden
    • James Caulfield and Margaret
    • John Rudden 1845 and Margaret Smyth
    • Philip Rudden and Eleanor Smyth

There are also two known Rudden connections in Knox West

  • Henry Smith/Smyth and Catherine Rudden.
  • Thomas Brides/McBride and Bridget Rudden

Of interest in figuring out who John Rodden/Rudden 1865 visited in 1892 are the two Hugh Ruddens.  The one Hugh, born 1836, listed by one source but not confirmed, married to Rose Smyth 1830-1915.  Among their children was a son Charles and a son Patrick (Source: Table 1).  These are names which are in the family of my gr great grandfather, Patrick and his brother John.  This suggests a logical connection.  However there is another Hugh Rudden married to Mary McPhillips, while they used neither names Charles or Patrick for their children they had sons James and  John. It is not know which of these Hughs was the lease holder, however Hugh married to Mary McPhillips, in her will leaves all she owns to her son, John. This is also the family which Alice Rudden said John Rudden/Rodden of Scotland visited in 1892.

  • In 1901 there are 5 occupied houses in Knox East, 3 of 5 houses contain Ruddens, some of whom were present in 1856. Those present in 1901 were likely there 10 years earlier in 1892.  House 1 has Mary McPhillips widow of Hugh Rudden with children John (listed age 29 but records indicates 38) and Mary age 31(but older than 38 according to records).  In House 4 is Rose Smyth widow of Hugh Rudden with children Philip age 40, oldest of the children and obvious lease holder, Susan age 26 and Michael age 24.  Based on this information and assuming these residents were present in 1892, John of Scotland visited Cousin John, who was the son of Mary McPhillips and Hugh Rudden, in 1892.

The following tables attempt to follow all the residents of Knox using the sources available between 1856 and 1901.

  • Table 1    Families of Knox East based on RC Church records of Drumully and Knox East Map Valuation Survey completed 1861 owning at least 5 acres. It included 78 acres and a significantly decreased population of 6 houses with 30 people
  • Table 2   Families of West Knox  based on RC Church records of Drumully and Knox West Map Valuation Survey completed 1861 owning at least 5 acres. Knox West population increased between 1841 and 1851.
  • Table 3Those in Baptismal Registry who listed in Knox as their residence and who had children between 1864-1882 but who did not own 5 acres in 1856 Valuation.
  • Table 4Rudden women who had children recorded in RC Baptism Register
  • Table 5Rudden Godparents not located in Knox
  • Table 6  Family name groups based on Godparents from Baptismal Records of Drumully Parish, Co Monaghan

Table 1     Families of Knox East based on RC Church records of Drumully and Knox East Map Valuation Survey completed 1861 of those owning at least 5 acres. This townland in 1861 had 78 acres with 6 houses and 30 people.

Lot/plot Father Spouse Children Dob Godparents Notes


Patrick Rudden

Hugh Rudden 1 of 2   listed in 1856

Rose Smyth*  

Philip Rudden*
Thos Rudden**
Mary Rudden
Susan Rudden*
Rose Rudden
Patrick Rudden
Michael Rudden*
Charles Rudden
John Rudden


22 Sep 1860
28 Mar 1862
9 Apr 1864
22 Mar 1866
22 Mar 1869
12 Jan 1872
22Apr 1873
12 May 1875
5 Jun 1877


Philip Rudden, Bridget Rudden

Denis Connolly, Margaret Smyth
Henry Smyth, Mary Rudden
Patrick McPhillips, Mary Monaghan
Henry Smyth, Mary Rudden
Bernard McGuire, Mary Leonard
Philip Leonard, Ann Smyth
Bernard McGuire, Mary Brides
John Leonard, Catherine Leonard

*Present in 1901
**Found is a Thos Rudden in Drummly in RC Register born 25 Nov1861
but parents listed Henry Smyth and Catherine Rudden who are located in W KnoxLeonards are on adjacent farm #2 in Griffiths
House 1 1901census Hugh Rudden b 1820 1 of 2   listed in 1856 Mary McPhillips*
Mary Rudden*
Daniel Rudden
John Rudden*
Hugh Rudden
James Rudden
Anne Rudden
Not known
8 Sep 1863
16 Feb 1866
23 Mar 1868
9 Jan 1871

John Rudden, Mary Rudden
Patrick McPhillips, Mary Monaghan
Daniel McPhillips, Mary McPhillips
Daniel McPhillips, Ann McPhillips

*Present in 1901
Daniel and Hugh both immigrated to Massachusetts in US. This is the Hymie branch described by Alice Rudden who had the story of my John Rudden 1865 coming from Scotland to marry Annie Connolly in 1892
2 Michael Leonard Brigid Rudden Anna Leonard 18 Jun 1862 Hugh Rudden, Margaret Caulfield
3 James Caulfield Margaret
4 John Rudden 1845 Margaret Smyth Patrick Rudden
Mary Rudden
20 Sep 1864
18 Apr 1868
Thos Smyth, Brigid Rudden
Hugh Rudden, Mary Smyth
I believe this to be the Fob Ruddens, so John b1845 father is Patrick
5 Phillip Rudden Eleanor Smyth Ann Rudden 24 Jul 1867 Philip Leonard, Rose Smyth
6 Water

Looking at the connections
Locals discuss the Ruddens of Knox East as being the Hymie Ruddens or the Fob Ruddens.  There does also seem to be a group of Philip Rudden, which may or may not belong to the Hymie or Fob group.  The two branches are somehow connected, but records do not go back far enough to discern that connection.  Following is a description of all family members based on the Baptismal Registery of Drumully Parish of the Roman Catholic Church

Hymie Rudden Group

  • Hugh Rudden 1836 (source not confirmed) married to Rose Smyth.
    • This Hugh had a son named Patrick.  In 1856 Valuation one of the lot holders is Hugh, who shares lot with Patrick Rudden, who is assumed to be Hugh’s father.  This Hugh is believed to also have had a sister, Bridget Rudden, married to Michael Leonard. In 1856 plot #2 which is the property of Michael Leonard is next door to Hugh Rudden.
    • Hugh Rudden and Rose Smyth’s son, Michael 1873, Godfather was Philip Leonard, further affirming familial connections.
    • A Catherine Rudden married Henry Smyth and lived on a nearby farm in Knox West.  Catherine Rudden and Henry Smyth were Godparents for a Hugh Rudden and Rose Smyth’s children
      •  Hugh 1869
      • Susan b 1864.
    • Margaret Smyth married to John Rudden is godparent to Hugh Rudden and Rose Smyth child, Mary Rudden born 1862.
  • Hugh Rudden  1820 married to Mary McPhillips 1826-1914.
    •  This Hugh Rudden and Mary McPhillips have a son John 1863, John Rudden and Mary Rudden are the godparent.  *This John is who Alice Rudden thinks my John was a cousin to and visited in 1892 from Scotland.
    • Catherine Rudden and Henry Smyth have a son Michael 1866 and Hugh Rudden who is the god parent as is Ann Smyth, Hugh Rudden is also god parent to son Hugh 1876.

One of the two Hughs was also the godparent to Michael Leonard and Bridget Rudden’s child, Ann Leonard, born 1862.
Fob Ruden Group (Plot 4 in 1856 Valuation.  This John’s father is Patrick, (Source: Michael Moore).

  • John Rudden 1845 married Margaret Smyth
  • A daughter, Mary born 1868, Hugh Rudden was godparent.
  • A son, Patrick in 1864, Bridget Rudden was god parent.

Phillip Rudden Group (Plot 5 in 1856 Valuation)

  • Phillip Rudden, sister, Bridget Rudden was married to Thomas Bride.  Philip was a god parent to there child, Bridget b 1868.
  • Philip Rudden was married Eleanor Smyth and had a child, Ann born 1867. Godparents are Phillip Leonard and Rose Smyth, who is married to Hugh Rudden.
  • Philip Rudden is the God parent to the son, Edward, of Rose Rudden*(see table 2) and Patrick McDonald


Table 2   Families of West Knox  based on RC Church records of Drumully and Knox West Valuation Survey completed 1861 owning at least 5 acres. Knox West population increased between 1841 and 1851.
Note: While the name McBride is using in 1856 Valuation Brides or McBrides is used in 1901 census.  The name is always Brides when in RC Baptismal Records even when speaking of folks identified as McBride in government documents as census and valuation of 1856.

Lot Name on 1856 Spouse Children Dob Godparents Notes
1 of 2  listed in 1856 Henry Smith Catherine McCabe* Charles Smyth
Hugh Smyth
Owen Smyth*
8 May 1865
4 Apr 1868
8 Feb 1870
Charles Smyth, Bridgette UK (Rudden/McPhillips)
Edward Reilly, Rose McCabe
Patrick Smyth, Rose Smyth
*Present in 1901 census
Also present is grand daughter
Maggie Rudden born 1885
House 7 in 1901
Henry Smith* Catherine Rudden* Michael Smyth*
Mary Smyth*
Mary Smyth
Catherine Smyth
Hugh Smyth
8 Sep 1866
7 Jun 1868
6 Mar 1870
10 Apr 1875
5 Jun 1876
Hugh Rudden, Anna Smyth
Michael Smyth, Mary McGuire
Michael Connolly, Mary McGuire
Patrick McGuire, Mary Connolly
Hugh Rudden, Mary McGuire
*present 1901 census
House 5 in 1901 Michael Smyth Rose Reilly 1851* Catherine Smyth
Edward Smyth
Catherine Smyth
Charles Smyth
Mary Smyth
24 Aug 1868
1 Sep 1873
19 Jun 1875
9 July 1869
21 Oct 1871
Edward Reilly, Ann Smyth
Henry Smyth, Mary Reilly
?Reilly, ?Reilly
Jacobus Reilly, Mary Brides
Jacobus Donahy, Susan Reilly
*Present in 1901 census
2 John McBride/Brides Sarah Geehan John Brides
Margaret Brides
Michael Brides
Francis Brides

21 Jul 1875
1 Oct 1878
26 May 1870


Michael Boylan, MargaretCaulfield
Owen McCaul, Ann Smyth

3a/b/c Charles Smith Could this be father of Smyth girls married to Ruddens?
Lot Name on 1856 Spouse Children Dob Godparents Notes
House 1, 10
1901 census
Philip Brides* 1831
McBride in 1901 census
Catherine Sheenan 1841* John Brides
Bridgid Brides
Bernard Brides*
Philip Brides
James Brides
Mary Brides
13 Mar 1866
22 Nov 1868
16 May 1870
16 June 1873
24May 1874
21 J 1877

Thos Brides, Mary Sheenan


Philip Connolly, Mary Connolly
Bernard Sheenan, Mary Sheenan

Thos Brides m Anne Sheenan

  • Born Elizabeth 15 Feb 1871
Catherine Sheenan* John Brides
Brigid Brides
Bernard Brides*
Philip Brides
13 Mar 1866
22 Nov 1868
16 May 1870
16 June 1873
24 May 1874
21 Jun 1877

Thos Brides, Mary Sheenan


? Connolly,? Connolly
Bernard & Mary Sheenan

Present in 1901 census
Philip Brides b1845 Mary Ann Fitzpatrick
Elizabeth Brides
Mary Ann Brides
Michael Brides
29 Mar 1869
26 May 1871
29 May 1873
Patrick Brides, Mary Brides
This Philip or family not in 1901 census as he went to Mass,
US in 1875
5 Patrick McBride Susan McCaffery Patrick Brides 6 Sep 1877 Patrick Reilly, Ann McDonnell
1 of 2  listed in 1856
House 6 in 1901
Thomas Brides 1841 *Ann Sheenan 1841 Mary Brides
Patrick Brides
Elizabeth Brides
Philip Brides
Catherine Brides
Peter Brides
*Thos Brides
22 Aug 1865
22 Mar 1869
15 Feb 1870
8 Nov 1872
8 Nov 1872
8 Nov 1876
*Present in 1901 census


UK Thos is listed on 1901 census as age
28 but no baptism record so DoB on
Census probably wrong

House 4 in 1901censu Thomas Brides* Brigid Rudden* Catherine Brides
Margaret Brides*
9 Oct 1868
8 Jan 1876
Philip Rudden, Catherine Caulfield
James Neil, Margaret Brady
*Present in 1901 census
7 MichaelMcBride/Brides Mary Smyth Elizabeth Brides 1 Jun 1866 No presence in 1901
8 John O’Neil
9 Mary McBride
10 John McDonald/Donnell Mary  ?–one Bernard  McDonald/McDonelle
13Sept 1866
A Patrick McDonald/McDonelle m Rose Rudden.
Patrick is likely bro of this John.
Rose could be sis /cous of John Rudden on farm
next door in Knox E.
*I share DNA with a descendant of this Rose Rudden.
11 Mary McCaul
12 Hugh McCaul
Not Owner of Lease Patrick McCaul 1834* Mary Gribbins1851* Mary McCaul
Margaret McCaul
Thos McCaul*
Eleanor McCaul
Anne McCaul*
1 Oct 1874
4 May 1876
10 Mar 1878
15 Mar 1880
23 Mar 1881

William Gribbins, Ann Gribbins
James Connally, Rose McKennan
Hugh McCaul, Mary McCaul
Owen McCaul, Eleanor McCaul

*Present in 1901 Census
Not Owner of Lease Owen McCaul 1836* Eleanor Smyth 1846* Mary Ann McCaul
Ownen MCCaul
Ellen McCaul
Hugh McCaul
Tom McCaul
Susan McCaul
Patrick McCaul
23 Jul 1880
John and Mary Smyth *Present in 1901 Census



Table 3 Those in Baptismal Registry who listed in Knox as  their residence and who had children between 1864-1882 but who did not own 5 acres in 1856 Valuation.

Father Mother Child DOB God parents
John McDonald Mary Joy (Foy?) Philip McDonald 10 May 1869
John Foy Jane Cosgrove John Foy 29 Jun 1878 Arthur and Mary Foy
Michael Smyth Rose Reilly Rose Smyth
John Smyth
25 Mar 1877  

Edward Reilly, Mary Rudden

James Leonard Margaret O’Neil Brigid Leonard
Margaret Leonard
25 Nov 1877
11 Dec 1879
Philip Rudden, Brigid Leonard
Philip Leonard, Ann Smyth
James Brides Sara Geehan Francis Brides 26 May 1869 Owen McCaul, Ann Smyth
Owen Brides Ann McDonnell John Brides
Ann Brides
Owen Brides
Andrew Brides
18 May 1866
12 Nov 1868
23 Apr 1870
2 Oct 1873


Table 4   Rudden women who had children recorded in RC Baptism Register

Mother Father Child   Location God Parents Notes
Susan Rudden Farellel Kelly Mary Kelly 10 Sep 1864 Unknown
Margaret Rudden Patrick Reynolds 1831 Patrick
Rose Ann
16 Oct 1864


Frances Coyle, Eleanor McDermott

Patrick and Margaret Reynolds are found in the Scot census of 1881 in West Caulder, Midlothian, Scotland
Mary Rudden Bernard McGuire Philip McGuire 29 Oct 1864 Drumvan Hugh Rudden, Caterine Rudden In 1851 Scot census Patrick Rudden b1830 is living next door to a Patrick McGuire abt 1790 of Ireland.
Ann Rudden Hugh Lavella Hugh Lavella
Margaret Lavella
Sara Lavella

10 Jun 1874


Rabbit Island

Mary Rudden Unknown Fitzpatrick Thomas Fitzpatrick 27 May 1875 Clinryle James Rudden, Brigid McGuire
Rose Rudden* Patrick McDonald Catherine McDonald
Mary Anne McDonald
Philip McDonald
Edward McDonald
Owen McDonald
Patrick McDonald
Letitia McDonald
James McDonald
Mary McDonald
Eleanor McDonald
12 Nov 1858
17 Jun 1860
12 Jun 1864
25 Nov 1866
3 Apr 1869
24 Apr 1871
3 Nov 1873
27 Aug 1875
18 May 1878 10 Apr 1880


Phillip Rudden, Bridget Rudden
Patrick While, Matilda Clark
James McDonald, Eleanor White
Patrick White, Elizabet Greenan
James Murphy, Ellen While
John McDonald, Cath McDnld
John McDonald, Eleanor White

*I have a DNA connection to a descendant.





Table 5  Rudden Godparents not located in Knox

Child Father Mother DoB God Parents Location Notes
James Michael McPhillips Patrick McPhillips Ann McDonald 21 Jun 1878 Daniel Rudden, Margaret McPhillips Scotshouse Probably sister to Patrick McDonald


Table 6  Family groups based on Godparents on Baptismal Records of Drumully Parish Co Monaghan
Assumed relationships based on RC Baptismal Resigistry from Drumully Parish, County Monaghan a number of family groups seem to emerge. 

Family Name











Brides (McBride)





1 John married unknown 1 Michael Leonard married  Bridget Rudden 1 Patrick McPhillips 1 Bridget Rudden married Michael Leonard 1 Margaret Smyth married John Rudden 1 Margaret
2 Margaret married
James Leonard
2 James Leonard married Margaret O’Neil 2 Daniele McPhillips 2 Philip Rudden married Eleanor Smyth 2 Eleanor Smyth married Philip Rudden 2Catherine
3 Philip Leonard 3 Ann McPhillips 3 Rose Rudden married Patrick McDonald 3 Thomas Smyth 3 James
4 Mary McPhillips 4 Hugh Rudden married Rose Smyth 4 Rose Smyth married Hugh Rudden
5 Bridget Rudden married Thomas Brides 1 Thomas Brides and Bridget Rudden
6 John Rudden married Margaret Smyth 5 Ann Smyth
7 Catherine Rudden married Henry Smyth, 6 Henry married Catherine Rudden She is a sister to Hugh Rudden married to Rose Smyth.
8 Mary Rudden married Bernard McGuire Bernard McGuire married to Mary Rudden


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  1. My Great great Grandfather, Phillip Rudden came to Edinburgh during the potato famine

  2. Tom McDonald
    Hi. My grandfather was the Philip McDonald at the top of Table 3. His mother’s maiden name was Fay.
    American relatives have done fairly extensive research but they did not come up with a brother Patrick for my Great grandfather John as is suggested in point 10 of Table 2, however Bernard was a brother of Philip and so his mother was Mary Fay too. Good luck Tom

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