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About was registered back in 1999 as a personal genealogical project to learn more about my family history.

I had started by emailing anyone with the Rudden name I could find,  a splatter gun approach, but nonetheless quite successful. I quite quickly managed to track down cousins living in the US,  which outlined a clear history of at least some of my family going back 150 years.

However, this approach also meant that I also found myself in touch with a significant group of other Rudden’s with no direct knowledge of how we may be related. The dead end I have personally arrived at in my great grandfathers line, can only ever be moved forward  with knowledge from outside my known family which I suppose is the same for many other Rudden’s out there as well.

Unfortunately, I cannot publish all the information entrusted to me through those mass emailing’s almost ten years ago when I contacted Rudden’s around the world. But I will be re-contacting many of those who did write to me then, and ask them to come here, and publish what they feel happy to disclose regarding their family trees  in the hope that some new, meaningful connections can be made.

While this blog will allow users to comment on existing posts, if there are any specific areas you would like to see on this blog get in touch and I will see what can be done.

Finally, I think it is worth pointing out that caution should be exercised in mentioning living family relatives without their permission.

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  1. great to see this web site as i dont know much about my family name. i was born in glasgow in 1962 my parents were Thomas and Edna (milligan)i have 6 siblings, Lynda-alexis-rose-patricia-martin-brian.

  2. John are you cousins with my Dad. Robert Rudden hes about the same age as you stayed in Glasgow East End. He has three brothers three sisters joseph-thomas-andrew-june-bernie & jeanie.

  3. My GGGrandfather Bernard Lynch brought his bride, Ellen Rudden to America in July 1833 aboard the Brig Albion from Liverpool. The manifest does not reflect that they brought with them their first child Catharine. The family story is that they came from Ulster and other information indicates it was County Cavan. The US Census of 1850, shows the family in Lowell, MA. In the same household is one Elizabeth Rudden and a six year old Julia Rudden. ‘Betsie’ Rudden also is a witness at the christening of my GGrandfather Steven Lynch at St. Peter’s church in Lowell. I would be delighted to hear from any Rudden relative that can assist me in pinning down the Townland in Ireland. Gordon

  4. Is there anyway of getting in contact with someone that made a post back in 2010. We are related and would love to get in contact.

  5. My Grand Father, Thomas Rudden, moved from Enniskillen, Cty of Fermanagh in NI early in the century. He arrived in Glasgow and lived in the Gorbels until, I believe, the late 20’s or early 30’s when he moved to London. Tom had several brothers who moved to the USA. A couple of them became Police Officers. Problem arises that, the Gorbels do not exist, Tom was estranged from his wife Rebecca ( nee MacCallum ) and my parents left England for Canada before I was old enough to really speak to Thomas. Any and all paperwork about Thomas has long since disappeared. Thomas passed away in the late 1970’s. He had two male offspring. One died as a child ( John ), the other died in the 1990’s. ( Jack Rudden – Endmonton UK retired British Museum ). I think every second male Rudden was named Thomas. Anyway, nice to know about this resource. Thank you.

  6. Hi John, thanks for your post. are you in touch with any of your US cousins … I have a number of enniskillen ruddens in one of my trees….?


  7. Hi Seamus. I know of and have no contact with relatives on either Irish or US soil. Like I said, records died with Thomas and I never met nor heard any stories about family. All I know is, when he turned 16, he was handed some money and basically told to go make his own way. Poor and unskilled, he went to Glasgow to work in the shipyards and the Gorbels was all he could afford for housing. The snippets I do know were related years ago by my mother. She never told me his birthday or his actual age so even tracking down his birth records would be problematic. I am currently trying to contact a cousin who might have some info and that might give me a starting point. I will be back if that comes to fruition. Cheers

  8. Very interesting. My Grandfather was Major /Captain? Bernard Rudden MBE of Carlisle who married Mary-Ann McGrath. He served in India and S Africa where my father, John Charles (Jack) was born in Potchefstroom early in the 1900s. Mary Ann Mc Grath had gone out to join him – which astonishes me. Grandfather B Rudden died in 1926 in Carlisle of Peritonitis having survived the 1 W War. He left 7 children of whom Jack was the eldest.
    We know there are Tommineys in the family and Murphys but do not know much about them.

  9. Bernard Rudden was the eldest brother of my grandfather Reginald Rudden, I have been trying for some time to track down &I connect with extended family members, my grandfather died in 1950 thee years before I was born my mother Emily Thomas nee Rudden was not very forthcoming about her family , all I have are a few names that I have linked to Reginald using a genealogy site , any comments would be helpful.

  10. My wife, Mary Murray (nee LAVERTY WAS BORN IN Castleblaney co. Monaghan, Ireland. Her father Carl Laverty solr was son of Charles Laverty solr of Castleblayney. His wife, I believe, was a Rudden from Liverpool, a family engaged in the import of agricultural foodstuffs from Ireland. When Mary was in her teens or earlier, Tom Rudden used come over to Dublin to meet and entertain the Laverty connections.

    On one occasion (more than 50 years ago) when Mary and I were in the Liverpool area on business, we stayed with the Ruddens in their fine home in Pottshrigley ? As impecunious newlyweds we were greatly enamored of the retainer/butler and his wife. My recollection is that we were splendidly entertained to jugged hare in a local establishment run by one Matthew Heygarth who obviously thought highly of the Ruddens. Charles Laverty became quite a figure in Politico/Legal circles in Ireland. As well as becoming President of The Irish Law Society, he stood (unsuccessfully) for the Westminster Parliament as a member of Parnell’s Irish Party. On that occasion in 1918 (two years after the rising) The Irish Party was wiped out by a then unstoppable Sinn Fein. Hopefully and happily, this is no longer the case.
    Thought you might be interested,
    With kind regards,
    Liam Murray

  11. My Great Nan was Margaret Eliza RUDDEN born 1881 She was the Youngest of at least 3 Daughters Of Michael RUDDEN and Ellen Oldest Sister Ellen RUDDEN RODGERS(1877) descendants ended up in Canada,Sister Rose RUDDEN -FORBES (1880) Descendants ended up in Scotland.According to Wilton Wiltshire England Census Margaret had 6 Children with My Great Grandpa Freeville John WALLIS #1.Dorothy Mae (1906)#2.Ethel Maud(1907)#3.John Shore(1908)#4.Reginald James(1910)#5.Irene Margaret(1911) #6.My Nan Winifred Ellen born (1912) due to Great Grandpa being at sea Margaret did a runner and left him with the children in 1915 I did find a Marriage for a Margaret WALLIS and A James Telford GOODALL in 1918 that maybe her tracking what happened to her is a hard to solve Mystery

  12. This is 2023 I have only found this research of the Ruddens. I am directly connected to Liam Murry through the Lavertys Castlebay Co. Monaghan Ireland and the Ruddens of the sane place. I have extensive research of the two families would love to make contact abd explore more family history.

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